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1.)  My book. Click on the title here: 

Hero Versus Heroin: Generational Tragedies, Medical Travesties, Political Primacy and Success Strategies

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What the book is about:

A mother’s tragic loss of one son and the surprising redemption of the other prompted her investigation into the common barriers—and pathways—to successful living.

Rori O’Hara shares what she learned about how people create a good life even against all odds. Her multigenerational stories illustrate practices experts say fuel addiction, faulty relationships and regrettable life outcomes, and continue to put children at risk.

The author compares the modicum of positive support her son Jack received to the untenable environment she believes precluded Ryan’s recovery. Learn how two supportive methods led Jack to become a regional NASCAR champion and a hero to many.

O’Hara refined Jack’s and others’ methods into the synchronistic 3 Systems for Successful Life Outcomes she practices and teaches today (See #2 below).  They are the answer to her prayer when she met Ryan’s friends after he died: “Please, God, help me help the likes of them!” They are the growing number who, in a desperate attempt to soothe their emotions, play the endgame of heroin.


  • What top experts say are best practices for overcoming heroin addiction, and how and why those practices are thwarted by laws and institutions.
  • What award-winning educators say about the education system and how to transform it.
  • What epigenetics and additional research tell us about the impact of thoughts on our lives, bodies, other people, animals, plants and the environment.
  • Why the average person’s thoughts are negative 80% of the time, and evidence that joy is actually our natural, intended state.
  • How joy improves brain function, relationships and life outcomes.
  • Proven methods of thinking, making decisions, communicating, educating and working that generate the state of joy.
  • The practice-in-common of the top 100 most successful people in the United States, and how anyone can use this to improve all areas of life.
  • The training methods of top professionals that anyone can use to learn new information and skills more deeply, up to six times more quickly.

O’Hara warns that if individuals and institutions don’t practice protocols known to advance better life outcomes, the same tough life lessons will keep coming—harder all the time.

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2.) My ONLINE COURSE. Click on the course title below to get to it:

3 Systems for Successful Life Outcomes

It is very inexpensive and includes information and exercises to enhance the systems I live and teach via my book and speaking engagements.

You Will Learn:

  • How to think positively in an easy way proven by neuroscientists to work effectively.
  • A simple way to discover and learn about products you may want to sell online. You can also upgrade to include taking The Passion Test, the #1 system for discovering and living your passion!
  • How the world’s top performers learn new skills up to six times faster and more deeply than most of us learn on average.