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Thanks for stopping by! Just want to let you know upfront, these products generate commissions paid to me which help me keep my blog running. I also do this because I like to share products that have helped me and many others. Enjoy!

Excellent Book on Epigenetics

by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. This will have you understanding and believing that what you think is what you get! I so enjoyed this book that I have used its premises in all of my teachings, have seen it work in others’ lives, and have proven it for myself in my own life! To learn how to apply your thinking in accordance with epigenetics, read about my 3:1 Override© on my Help Starts Here page. You can click on the amazon book ad below to preview the book. It has changed lives!

5 FREE TIPS and An Excellent Course Developed by an Addiction Counselor, Incredible Limited-Time Offer at Only $37!

Click on the ad to watch an intriguing video where you’ll get 5 FREE Tips and be given this limited-time offer. The course is easily worth hundreds of dollars! I think because A. Scott Roberts, MRC, CRC, really wants to help addicts, he has priced it so just about anyone can afford it. His experience as an addict himself led him to his mission.

From reading Roberts’ book, Truth of Addiction, I learned so much about how the addict’s brain functions, and what works and doesn’t work to heal it . It is all included in this excellent course, along with evidence-based techniques backed by neuroscience. Roberts’ additional guides on behavioral therapy, motivation and nutrition, along with meditation audios and helpful videos for re-training and healing the brain, align with everything I teach! Be sure to click on the ad to watch a terrific short video with the FREE TIPS, along with an explanation of why rehab so often does not work, and why Roberts’ techniques are known to rid addicts of intrusive cravings!       (Sorry, the click-thru ad does not work properly on Safari.)


BOOTCAMP EXPERIENCE: Information will be added soon.


TRUTH OR FICTION?                                                      A Novel about who and what was behind the Heroin Trade in the Early 1900’s 

John Hunt Grassby grew up in the environment he writes about in his novel, Calcutta Sunrise. An international attorney, there are too many coincidences between him and his novel and what he knows first hand about the world to think this isn’t more autobiography than novel. A read that will enlighten you about those who run the world. (For more on who that topic, watch this short TED Talk, Who Controls the World, by a renowned physicist.)


I’m sorry, this book has been discontinued until further notice. However, you may be able to find a copy online, in a used bookstore or possibly library. It’s worth efforts to find this book!

For Sleep Improvement

You may have already read my blog, How to Reduce Holiday Stress (access from blog list on right). In it I point out two keys to reducing stress at this wonderful–but terribly stressful–time of year.

  1. Getting plenty of sleep.
  2. Being happy.

While these tips to reduce holiday stress may seem ridiculously obvious, the Six Steps to Sleep book, combined with its brainwave entrainment audios, may not be so obvious until you understand how the complete program works. In my opinion, this comprehensive program stands above all others for better sleep. It’s price tag of only $27 is more than worth it for the audios alone! Click the image below to learn more about this excellent program.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that sleep deprivation can lead to a state of depression whereby you can hardly get a whiff of happiness. That leads me to my other suggested product for Holiday Happiness: SAD Lamps. Some good ones are listed below.

Here’s an article by experts that clarifies the link between sleep deprivation and depression:               CLICK HERE to learn more about the link between sleep disorders and depression.

A Happy Brain is a Smart Brain!

Neuroscientists know that our brain function depends on our moods. If you follow my blogs or other writings, you understand WHY I am all about doing whatever helps maintain a happy, positive state.

When it came to working in my office all bleary-eyed for decades, I would have loved having a boost from these. I’ve made my picks based on 1) a high volume of reviews; 2) positive reviews by actual customers; and 3) price. I know from people close to me that these do work. If ever I run into an energy problem as I age (I feel better now in my 60’s than I did from my late 20’s through 55), I’m going to use one of these!!

When I was down-and-out with depression, mornings were the hardest. If I slept at all, I woke up in a brain fog and with body aches like the flu that never went away. However, I had to carry on and pushed through. I wish they had these un-alarming “light alarms” when I was going through all this!

Some of My Audio Picks

Click the images below to download FREE AUDIO DEMOS, and to take a tour of the Supraliminal-Rich Subliminal360!









Click the items below for other BrainEv products and demos:

       Brain Salon                            Sleep Salon

Click the items below for other Inspire3 products and demos:

       Subliminal Guru                   Zen12 Meditation

I do receive commissions for any purchases you make by clicking to ads through this page. This supports this website and the incredible information I research and provide about how to achieve happiness and how that is responsible for your success.

Pros about Inspire3 and BrainEv products:

  1. These products offer many 10-15 minute demos free, and I find even these short versions work! For example, the Nitrofocus and Brain Evolution System offer a 15 minute demo of each free, and even these short versions have helped me focus and feel good at times that I really needed them. Because I don’t yet walk on water, I’ve given them some tried and true tests.
  2. I’ve also tried some of their Inspire3 free demos, and was convinced enough to buy one of their “Bundled” packages of 5 audios for only $37US. One is a meditation audio, a couple are hypnosis, and the others are subliminals. I like them all, but I especially notice benefits when I listen to the Mood Booster or the IQ booster (40 minutes each) while I work. I find their supraliminal effects, including binaural beats, isochronic tones, and the background music or sounds very effective. And I love the Hypnosis Live Law of Attraction!
  3. I also bought and use Inspire3’s Zen12 program. Although I prefer to practice TM, which I’ve been doing off and on since 1976, I find Zen12 is handy for noisy situations where I am distracted or times I have trouble settling down. 
  4. The scientific explanations of both BrainEv and Inspire3 products are easy to find, have cited sources, and are quite good with the exception of possibly making the common industry error of misinterpreting the strict meaning of subliminal. See my blogs for more info on this industry-wide problem.
  5. Karl Moore’s free Ebook, The Secret Art of Self-Development, is excellent. Once you take a look at the Brainev and Inspire3 products, you’ll get an email offer from him to get it free. I read it in an hour one morning and found it very uplifting and sensible. But more than that, it gave me confidence where it had been lacking. I consider it a reference book and will look to it as needed.
  6. If you would like to make money selling BrainEv or Inspire3 products online, the affiliate payout is excellent. High payout indicates high sales volume, indicating a good product that really works! (You can sign up as an affiliate ass an affiliate for Inspire3 products and as an affiliate for the BrainEv products. Be sure to do both if you want to sell both.)


  1. They send you a lot of emails that your email appears to be blocking them and you need to whitelist them. So their emails come in droves despite their message arriving that they are being blocked. Huh? Seems to me that if I’m not having to look in spam folders, they are already whitelisted.
  2. Once you try any product, they send you a lot of emails about their different products. Delete, delete, delete. But be careful not to delete the loads of freebies and supporting science. You will enjoy the gifts of full recordings, the free demos, and the stories of studies and outcomes.
  3. Their product line is hard to decipher. As an example, it took me a while to figure out what’s under BrainEv and what’s under Inspire3, because BrainEv includes the Inspire3 line, plus some products that haven’t been launched yet. I also spent extra time trying to figure out what BrainHacker is. Turns out they are the Subliminal Guru recordings that come branded as BrainHacker. Go figure.
  4. Although it’s great to have two types of audios they call “regular” subliminals and “brainwave” versions (aka binaural), it took me a while to figure out that although brainwave versions can be used while you are active, there is a warning against using those while driving or involved in certain activities.
  5. You have to download zip files of 6 versions of each BrainHacker/Subliminal Guru audio X 2 (Regular Subliminal and Brainwave).

Recommended FREE LISTENING on Youtube

Is someone you care about uncomfortable in life? Are they making poor decisions? Are you anxious about them?

You may be part of the problem! Listen to David Wilcock’s introduction on Youtube of his book, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies, where he explains the “Shared Mind Effect,” and recognize what you might do to help others through their journey. Pay close attention at around 22 minutes. (You can get to the Youtube video by clicking on the highlighted book title in this paragraph; then please come back here, where there’s so much more to learn!)

Wilcock teaches that our consciousness affects biological and electrical systems. He provides scientific examples that show how our state of being affects those we think about, and gives new meaning to the importance of maintaining positive thoughts!

Wilcock’s teachings will either turn you on or off, so never mind any review by me. If you don’t want to listen to the entire recording, at least give yourself a few minutes to listen, beginning at around minute 22. Just hover over the book title above and click.

Then please come back here to buy any of the book versions (hard cover, soft cover or Kindle) of  Wilcock’s 3 excellent books, or scroll down to sign up below via the Audible Free Trial banner for great savings on the Audible Versions.  Your purchases through my site are SO appreciated, as they help me keep this site, and it’s information, going!

My Book Picks


Please click on the banner above if you’re thinking about buying the book. For the audio subscription where you can get 2 FREE AUDIO BOOKS, click on the AUDIBLE banner below.

How to Get 2 FREE Audiobooks!

Audible includes 2 FREE audio books at no charge for the first month. Then you can keep your books and unsubscribe, or you can keep your subscription. Buying through me here still gives you the best price currently available, and helps me afford to keep this site going. Thanks in advance for your vote!

Amazon Audibles Subscription: A Great Source for Self-Development.



Amazon Audible costs $14.95/month. You get one audiobook per month plus 30% off any purchase. Click the banner to sign up for one free month and get your 2 free audio books. You can unsubscribe at any time and keep your books!

My General Commentary on What to Avoid in Programs 

Here’s a description of how the bad self-development programs look.

  1. They don’t tell you about scientific studies or field research that would support how their products work. You are supposed to blindly believe they work, without qualifying proof or scientific explanations.
  2. They put the blame on you if it doesn’t work for you. “You” didn’t do it right, or didn’t stick with it long enough.
  3. They are regurgitating what most other gurus are saying.
  4. They cross-promote other gurus who belong to their “club.” In other words, they promote each other and make money whether you buy from them or their buddies. And they often get you to buy from both of them.

My Commentary on the Programs to Avoid No Matter What!

The worst of the worst involve courses that challenge you into taking them while not being told what to expect. This is part of the training, to not know what you will learn. They do not guarantee start or end times, which is also part of the training. It’s all about being committed, but you don’t know to what.

Any good teacher will tell you:

  1. What they are going to tell you.
  2. Then they tell you.
  3. Then they review what they told you.

The really interesting thing about these courses is they seem to take away your free will. They don’t tell you much and they require you to move blindly up through the next “secret” levels that you get bullied into at the finish line of each level, when you are exhausted. And they use you to sell the course to everyone you know.

Sure, in real life, you are never finished, but these folks keep you so busy you can’t live your life at all. And they want you back, during weekday evenings, even during work hours. Part of the challenge is to assert to your boss why this course is more important than work. Of course, there are endless hours over the weekends.

These could be said to be cults, although myself and many business people I know have been roped in. And they make you, the person paying them, do all the tasks, like cleaning, etc. You may be there at night until 2 am and expected to be back at 6:30 am, day after day. You become easily bullied when you are exhausted, and they know it!