Public Speaking Testimonials

Ms. O’Hara is a seasoned speaker who is currently available for bookings.

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Testimonials “Speak” to O’Hara’s Abilities


“Excellent content.   It helped me understand the Millennial generation.  I want all my 4 grandsons to hear you!”~~Mary Anne McCubbin, Unity Church Instructor


“Very valuable information.  Clear and engaging statistics brought meaning to your subject.”~~John Weksler, Program Director, Kiwanis


“Thank you very much for speaking last Tuesday to our Kiwanis Club of the Golden Nuggets. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the passion that you bring to helping everyone understand the importance of being positive and…that we all need to find what we are passionate about and live out that passion as your son is doing.   I wish you all the best in your career and your seminars. You have a very important message to share.” ~~Rogers Coke, Kiwanis Club of the Golden Nuggets, Boulder, CO


“Very interesting and agreed with everything stated.  Good information, presented clearly, stayed within the allotted time.  Speaker very knowledgeable.”~~Karen Swan, President, Professional Organizers and Event Planners


“Information of great value.  Engaging.  Hearing the 3:1 Ratio helped reinforce positive feelings and outcomes.”~~Ron Podboy, VP of Programs, Arapahoe Sales Pros


“The information was presented very well.  Direct and to the point.”~~Unsigned Optimist Club Member


“The presentation was great.  Not too long or short.  Unfortunately I already know quite a bit about the heavy drug use among my peers.  It’s time to try and be a part of the solution.”~~Tommy Ashe, High School Senior, age 18


“Presented clearly and it’s good to hear there are people out there who care.  It’s time to find my passion.”~~Raquel Johnston, High School Senior, age 18


“Rori’s talk was informative and engaging.  I found it valuable.”~~Tom Ashe, Sr., Kiwanis Club Member


“Amazing content regarding the future.  Awesome delivery.  The 3:1 was a great take-away for me, and I will also use the physical state change Rori had us do.”~~Jan Giuliano, Mortgage Loan Specialist


I have had the pleasure of hearing Rori O’Hara speak on three occasions to a group of professionals.  She was engaging and the three audiences I was part of were riveted by her delivery.  Rori also managed to make us all laugh consistently by driving home many of her points with a great sense of humor.  Great on her feet, she handled questions on her topics with ease and also made everyone comfortable and interested enough to keep asking more questions.  I hope to hear more of her presentations in the future!”~~Marie Drake, The Drake Law Firm, P.C.


At our Local Chapter Meetings I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of Rori O’Hara’s audience.   She quickly captures attention with audience participation and keeps us entertained with her subject-relevant humor.  She can fill any gap on her feet, pull together content on a dime, and put it into context that flows and keeps the entire audience on the edge of their seats.  Amazing!~~Nancy Ashley, Ashley International Group, Inc.