Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Life

Who’s in Charge Here?  I’ve participated in one of Dr. Sue Morter’s weekend workshops, where her teachings had a profound effect on my beliefs. From her I learned that the subconscious mind rules the day. What is meant by this is that our conscious actions rely on the beliefs we hold from conscious experiences or messaging. These past experiences … [Read more…]

Are Subliminal Messages and Brainwave Technology a Scam? Part 2

The Rest of the Story…  In Part 1 of this two-part post I concluded that subliminal messages aren’t what work to influence our behavior; rather, it’s the supraliminal effects. I also promised to give you citations in this Part 2 that would support my Part 1 general overview of self-development recordings. Nick Kolenda’s experience in using … [Read more…]

Beyond Magical Thinking

  What Negative Thinking, Standardized Testing, Sales Quotas, and Lost Productivity Have in Common-  This post is about productivity. It’s about taking sustainable actions that produce good results because the underlying principles–or laws–that govern a given system, are abided by. The point of this is to demonstrate why positive thinking–my hottest topic on my website and primary … [Read more…]