How to Use Quantum Physics to Succeed at Everything You Do

Quantum Physics Explained~

For most of us, quantum physics is interesting at best and beyond mysterious at worst. That’s because much information presented about it relies on jargon that most of us don’t understand. I am not gifted enough to understand what is happening in the double slit experiment, and as much as scientists use their jargon to explain what is happening, even they do not know why!

The inability of science to explain at this time what is happening is expressed in the 16 February 2017 BBC article on quantum physics and consciousness written by Philip Ball, who asks,

“If the way the world behaves depends on how – or if – we look at it, what can “reality” really mean?[1]

Since quantum physics seems to be showing us that the observer influences the movement, behavior, or outcome of matter at the tiniest level, then I want to propose that it is probable that the results we get in our lives are influenced by us in accordance with how we observe–or feel about–our lives. This idea, that how we feel about our life influences our outcomes, is supported by the science of epigenetics as well as neuroscience.

Epigenetics and Consciousness

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., who wrote the book on epigenetics, The Biology of Belief: unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles, determined that our cells respond to the quality of our thoughts.

Knowing that if the quality of our thoughts are positive, meaning we expect and are aware of and alert to any positive support of what we want our outcomes to be in this world, we would naturally want to visualize ourselves engaged in that which supports and serves us. The logic is that if we believe in the probability of good results, we will probably observe good results.

This is why many self-help gurus, neuroscientists such as Mark Robert Waldman and Andrew Newberg, M.D., religious leaders and motivational writers and speakers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Wallace Waddles, Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill have said that what we put our attention on expands in our life. From what these leaders say, we should be motivated to focus on our positive beliefs and put our attention on our great ideas. Since nothing is created on Earth (beyond what was here when we arrived) without someone first thinking about it, attending to our positive ideas is how we can deliberately create added value in both our emotional and physical world.

Spirituality and Quantum Physics

If we consider energy to be of a spiritual nature, the mysticism behind quantum physics puts the science into the spiritual realm. No one can explain how matter and energy transform from one to the other. Not even Albert Einstein could explain how; he only explained that they do, and that they do so in equal, measurable amounts. The mystery of how a single photon can go through two slits at one time and create a seeming duplicate or hologram of itself is yet to be explained.

The important thing to recognize seems to be this:

“Simply by observing a particle’s path – even if that observation should not disturb the particle’s motion – we change the outcome.”[1]

With evidence from epigenetics and quantum physics–that our observation can change an outcome–it should be easy and natural to heed what neuroscientists discovered in regard to using positive thinking to create good life outcomes.

It seems this would go a long way in changing the human condition from one of struggle to personal and societal success. To read about my 3:1 Override technique I have developed and tested based on what neuroscientists know about positive thinking, read this article.

 I hope you enjoyed this article, and I look forward to reading and responding to your comments, which you can post below.


[1] BBC – Earth – The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics


  1. Penelope

    It seems that a lot of what you describe ties into the value of having a mindfulness practice, or the art of observing yourself. By slowing down and becoming the observer, we have a chance to change the outcome.
    It is definitely baffling to think about how protons can be in two places at once, or behave like a particle and a wave at the same time. In many ways this reinforces the mysteriousness of life, which I think we forget when caught up in day to day stuff. Thanks for the thoughtful article!

  2. KW

    This is really interesting. Everything you’ve written I sort of understand but in a completely different light. I’ve always believed in the Law of Attraction – that you get back what you give, or your life is really a reflection of your thoughts and feelings, which is pretty much what your article was about. However, I never really connected the dots between law of attraction and Quantum Physics. Some of the terminology were beyond my comprehension but the gist was clear.

    Thansk for sharing.

    • Rori O'Hara

      That’s all we need, KW, is the gist. I see quantum physics as being the science behind the Law of Attraction. Hopefully with the support of science, more people will live by the LOA. It sure does work well for many, and has changed my life and my successful son’s life for the better. Now if we can only get this to the people who need it the most…

  3. Alex

    So, wow! Very interesting, I actually read it twice. I think this article is the ultimate explanation in all aspects about how to succeed at everything we do in this life. I will also like to add this since I am half Greek, according to Socrates “The Secret Of Change Is To Focus All Of Your Energy Not On Fighting The Old, But On Building The New”.

    I will defiantly re-visit your website, I find here great value and very interesting information, that could help our daily life in various aspects. Thank you!

  4. I love this application of science on everyday life! And I totally believe that certain articles come into your attention at the right times…as I apply these same principles to my life. We are in charge of our own destiny and have the free will to make life as happy or sad as we choose. I’m so grateful that more and more of us are awakening to a higher way of living.

  5. Sean Contreras

    I’m always so careful when using the word spiritual because I honestly just don’t think it belongs in the scientific realm. Even if you and I are on the same page about the definition of the word as it pertains to science, the word itself is associated with spirits and other superstitious belief that science has no proof for. So it’s really just the wording for me, but I understand how aspects of spirituality are scientific.
    VERY cool look on epigenetics. Being gay, this topic has always really interested me as there is a lot about epigenetics and homosexuality. I find it fascinating how you tied all of these things together for the sake of success. Very insightful, creative, and interesting.

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