Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Life

Who’s in Charge Here? 


To reach our subconscious mind, a message must be above our Absolute Threshold Level (ATL), where our conscious mind can see it–whether or not we are aware of it. Additionally, for such a hidden, above ATL message to influence us, it must align with our intentions.

I’ve participated in one of Dr. Sue Morter’s weekend workshops, where her teachings had a profound effect on my beliefs. From her I learned that the subconscious mind rules the day. What is meant by this is that our conscious actions rely on the beliefs we hold from conscious experiences or messaging. These past experiences or messaging created our current subconscious beliefs about the world. These beliefs may no longer be relevent, needlessly limiting our current life to past beliefs. If you want to expand and improve your life, you must learn how to recognize and change the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

How Can We Reach the Subconscious Mind?


Make sure you buy only self-development programs that give your conscious mind the opportunity to notice the messages.

In my 2-part blog, Are Subliminal Messaging and Brainwave Technology a Scam?, we learned that changing our subconscious beliefs relies on conscious messaging, and that messages below the absolute threshold level of consciousness (ATL) do not reach our subconscious mind. This is important to know, since we rely on subconscious information for any actions we can take or changes we can make in our lives.

The only ways to break through with a new idea that runs counter to an outdated, limiting or false belief is by presenting new information that seems logical, or by having an experience that gives us a different perception of reality. Until then, our subconscious keeps us in a stale reality where we live with beliefs that we no longer want to continue to affect us. Our outdated, or false beliefs hold us back from changes that could make huge improvements in the quality of our lives.

Everybody who is anybody in the self-help field today is saying that changing your beliefs to improve your life must be done at the subconscious level. But it takes some thought (pardon the pun) to understand how this works. Understanding how this works is what will inspire you to do the necessary work that will change your life for the better!

No Simple Brain Matter

In regard to changing our subconscious beliefs not being a simple matter, Dr. Sue Morter tells us, “Subconscious beliefs are… actually more potent when it comes to impacting your life. Otherwise, we could simply consciously decide to be healthy and successful, and it would happen automatically. If the subconscious…conflict[s] with that conscious choice, it will never manifest. The subconscious mind is determining trillions of characteristics of the human experience every millisecond. This can be helpful if all is well, and not so helpful if there is interference in the system, which can create an inappropriate response in life and unnecessary distress.”


Your subconscious beliefs come from the logic of your conscious mind. A belief that somehow served you at one time may now be sabotaging you.

The interference she is referencing would include false, limiting or negative beliefs that lead us to sabotage ourselves with more negative thinking, which leads us to make self-defeating choices. Repeatedly. Because we’re hard-wired that way.

What we all want is to live an empowered life that creates good life outcomes. Unfortunately, our survival mechanism of fight-or-flight has the average person, according to many sources, thinking negatively 80% of the time.1

Hope v. Survival

In light of negative experiences and influences being a large part of living, we can begin to better cope with and change our natural negative momentum to positive by getting our subconscious mind to have hope. Hope is a state where we believe in positive possibilities. To slant our beliefs to positive possibilities, we need to understand what happens when we think.


Our old beliefs that may no longer be relevant–and therefore are false–can only be overridden by new ideas and experiences.

It’s logical that since our subconscious mind comes by its beliefs via conscious ideas and experiences, the way to improve our life outcomes is by consciously programming ourselves into a habit of thinking positively about ourselves and our lives. Making positive thinking a habit is a matter of appreciating everything that happens by finding something good, even in terrible circumstances. Since our actions rely on our thoughts, positive thoughts inspire us to take actions that create positive outcomes.

Appreciating the positive aspects of life in the face of negative aspects will, sooner or later, cause us to see the overall truth of how wonderful life is, and we will come to better appreciate humanity and life despite their flaws and weaknesses. In this way we can forgive ourselves and others, and love life itself! This “paying it forward with positive ideas” works according to the laws of quantum physics. I go into this in detail in my upcoming book, Hero v. Heroin: A Mother’s Stories, Lessons and Strategies for Parents, Teachers, Youth, Young Adults and Addicts.

Why Values are So Important


Love and relationships go-hand-in-hand.

Neuroscientists have proven we can consciously do this by repeating to ourselves our most positive values–such as “love, joy, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation,” etc. Give it a try and notice how you feel. Yes, we can change those old, false beliefs that led us to self-sabotaging behavior, and replace them with beliefs that lead us to not only feeling better, but to our greatest successes in life.

All my teachings are intended to help people of all ages and walks of life learn to change the predominantly negative brain state to a positive brain state using what many neuroscientists have discovered. I expand on what they know by using what I know about stating positive, true affirmations. Such affirmations about ourselves and our life that foster a feeling of appreciation and temper false beliefs lead us to new and better truths. When we appreciate–or value–our life and others’ lives, we easily create good life outcomes, a.k.a. success. What we believe about ourselves and others is real for us. Believe the best and the best will come about.

Visit my page, Help Starts Here to learn more about honing your positive attitude and creating your best possible life! If you would like to see some products and books that could help you develop a more positive attitude, please visit this page. Thank you very much.

Wishing you great success and love,


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  1. Hey

    Hello RoriO!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that in order for one to change their life, there must be a change in their belief system.

    A person will only achieve what they can believe they can!

    Your site is very informative on this matter and I will be sure to revisit it later.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  2. Darren

    This is all so very true. I have these kinds of conversations with many people, but a lot of them just don’t get it.

    I’m noticing the victim mentality more and more, where people prefer to think everything is just out of their control and someone else’s fault.

    I’d rather know that I’m in control of how my life turns out, because at least then I can do something about it. If I think I’m just a victim, then I have no hope.

    • Rori O'Hara

      You got it, Darren! The more responsibility we take, the more control we actually have. And the more we notice others blaming instead of taking responsibility. All it takes is a little consciousness. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Blame

    I have a friend who wakes up every morning at 5am to jog, then he reads the newspaper, then he makes breakfast, and then heads out to work. He always head out the door exactly on time. I forgot what time that is. I asked him how he was able to do this for thirty something years. He told me that before it was practice, but later it’s second nature. I feel that it’s the same thing as you said. It’s really the subconscious that continues to move him in the right direction, because he believes that what he is doing is for the best life. In a sense, it’s like some kind of neural programming. Thanks for the information. Nice share.

    • Rori O'Hara

      Thanks for sharing this great insight! Yes, it is all about our habits, and we know the saying, “Old habits die hard.” Your friend is fortunate to have learned long ago that it would take conscious effort to create his best possible life. Some of us are not such quick studies, but once we know better, we are inspired to create a better life. Thanks again for your comment!

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