Wanted: Substance Abuse Education Curriculum

School Counselor Leadership~ Over ten million members of The Learning First Alliance include the likes of the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation, state education alliances, and every leading education association out there. LFA is dedicated to improving public education, and has awarded one very special person every year since 2002 as School Counselor of the … [Read more…]

Giving Kids the Keys for Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline and Kids~ In my last blog I wrote about kids’ risky behavior and suggested that we all take responsibility for the societal norms that makes it hard for them to be self-disciplined. In answer to that problem, I want to continue with a solution that consists of two skills, or keys, for achieving the … [Read more…]

How Can We Help Kids’ Behavior?

Quotes Blaming Others~ For many years I’ve heard and seen memes reminding parents that it’s not up to schools to keep kids well-behaved; it’s the parents’ job. I would agree with this but for all the negative environmental variables that are unaccounted for—and account for parents who, despite all they read in advance to train … [Read more…]

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options, Part 3 of 4

Odds of Recovering from Heroin Addiction- The Huff Post January 28, 2015 article by Jason Cherkis, “Dying To Be Free: There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works. Why Aren’t We Using It?” tells us that according to the addicts, their families, their doctors, and the historical research, the best of the three most … [Read more…]

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options, Part 2 of 4

Treatment for Opioid Dependence-  In seeking what really works for overcoming recidivism in heroin abuse, we must consider all known effective treatments, even those with modest results. That would include medications and behavioral therapy, even if they only seem to provide a temporary fix that gets the addict to the next-better stage. We also need … [Read more…]

How to Reduce Holiday Stress

My advice is simple: Get plenty of sleep and be happy.  You’re probably calling me Sherlock and asking, “Is this some puerile joke that’s going to waste my precious time?” Actually it’s not a joke, and I abhor wasting time—yours or mine.  Today there are some easy, inexpensive, healthy ways that can help you get plenty … [Read more…]